Fertility Treatments

Infertility is a very common problem now days and very devastating for the couples. Do not lose hope, it’s curable in most of the cases. With the advancement of science, many solutions to the treatment of various diseases were introduced. In previous times, people rarely face these types of medical issues. According to the fertility specialist, it is because of change in lifestyles of the current generation that’s why they are going through with new and emerging diseases. Infertility is spreading very quickly, according to the Australian statistics 1 out of 35 men is having infertility problem whereas 40% of cases are related to women infertility. Once the reason of infertility has determined, gynecologists start the treatment on the basis of the severity and the nature of the issue. These medications and treatments can stimulate the production of eggs and can produce good quality of sperms. Lets g through the steps of infertility treatment which are normally followed: 

Initial Screening 
First of all, a simple pelvic screening is done to check any possible problem a woman has. Which shows reproductive organs that can be not in a normal condition like cysts, fibroids, PCOS and other related issues. 

Ovulation induction 
Clomid drugs are used as the first option to treat the issue. This medicine helps in ovulation for women and can also be used for men infertility in many cases but only if recommended by the OB. Normally Femara and Gonal-F are most commonly used Clomid medicine and 40-45% of the couple used this as a support in conception. 

HSG Test 
If Clomid did not work for infertility, specialists normally recommend having an HSG test to check the condition of fallopian tubes if they are working good or blocked due to any reason. If any blockage is found in tubes, surgery is recommended to counter the problem. 

Intrauterine insomnia (IUI) 
It is the most common way to place a carefully washed sperm in the uterus to meet with the egg. This treatment is used to treat issues like some cases of male infertility and the problem with women’s cervical mucus or other undefined reasons. For more information, please log on to https://www.drjoseph.com.au/

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) 
This treatment is relatively expensive and has high chances of conception. In this, with the help of artificial stimulation, multiple good quality eggs are produced then eggs and sperms are fertilized outside the body and afterward, an embryo is placed inside the body. In this treatment, there are more chances of having twins or triplets. 

Although melbourne ivf in East melbourne is expensive, it is really very effective in many cases. 80-90% of couples are treated with fewer tech treatments such as medication or surgery and only 5% of couples facing infertility issues are treated with IVF. obstetricians-service