How To Manage Lower Back Pain

All of us have experienced back pain at some point in life. With the age chances of a back pain increases and you should know how to manage your back pain before it turns in to something serious. Most of the time people ignore the pain and at the end of the day it becomes a major problem that even leads to surgery. Here are few ways that you can keep this pain under control
Cool it
If you bent the wrong way or if you lifted something heavy in a odd position you may get a back pain. In this case the first thing to do is to keep ice on it. Avoid keeping ice directly in the pack this will cause frostbites. Instead put ice cubes in a wash cloth or a serviette before keeping in the injured area. Keep ice in the first 24 to 48 hours and if this doesn’t work, meaning if you still have the pain visit one of the chiropractor Berwick to sort out the matter. It may be a serious injury or simply a pulling of a muscle. But the doctor can tell you exactly what the problem is and treat it.
Move it
Your back pain may be a result of you being seated for a long time, if you are doing a desk job this may be a very common issue. It is good to move around a bit. Whether you work from home or at an office, if you stay seated for a long time your back may give you trouble. If you are home, make the bed, walk up the stairs or just in the garden, if you are in the office, walk about in the lobby or walk up the stair case. Any chiropractor Camberwell may tell you that by simply moving around you can ease the pain. If possible stretch out a bit in the office. DO some yoga when you come back from office to stretch the back.

Manage your weight
One of the main reasons for spine and back problems are the weight. If you are overweight you may experience back pains. If this is the case, you need to lose a couple of kilos to maintain your weight; if this doesn’t help you can visit a doctor to get help.

Avoid certain exercises
When you have a back pain some exercises are not suitable. Avoid doing crunches, lifting weights and various other postures that use excessive bending and strain on the back.  Yoga poses may help relieves the pain but be careful when doing those.