What Is Acupunctural Methods? What Are The Benefits?

Acupunctural methods are one the most popular practices of Traditional Chinese medicinal practices that is being ensued by Westerners. It takes a holistic health approach in which trained practitioners simulate specific points in the body by inserting thin needle in to the skin. Surprisingly though, this method of medical assistance is very less painful and has absolutely no side effects.There are many benefits of this health technique that stemmed from the Chinese medical practices from the old ages. Some of these benefits have been listed below.


Acupunctural methods are known to be great in post cancer treatments to boost the immune system and speed up recovery after cancer. Chemotherapy itself takes a toll on the patient and has many side effects that patients have to deal with. According to the National Institute of Cancer Research, patients who received acupunctural treatments didn’t have a decrease in their good cells after radiation treatments in comparison to the patients who didn’t receive any such treatments. The medicinal value of this technique is so great that most of the Westerners are now pursuing this technique.

Pregnancy and IVF treatments

Many doctors are now recommending acupunctural techniques for their pregnant patients. As this technique has proven results in helping the pregnant ladies in balancing their hormones, reducing stress levels and assisting an easy and natural labour. Doctors are also recommending acupunctural methods for infertility treatments such as IVF acupuncture as they are having huge impact on increasing the success rate of IVF treated patients.

Migraines and headaches

Acupuncture is an effective method to treat migraines and headaches. Almost a hundred percent success rate has been recorded in this regard. Most of the people who received acupunctural treatments for headaches and migraines swore by acupunctural methods being instrumental in reducing the intensity of the pain and the frequency of getting the headache. A research was conducted with two groups of people being tested to check the effectiveness of this technique. One set with migraines were pricked with the needles in the simulated points of this Chinese practice and others were randomly pricked. The group who was treated according to the acupunctural methods showed reduced migraines and pain. You can learn more by visiting http://myacupuncture.com.au/dr-peter-gu/

Reduces cognitive decline

Studies show that age related cognitive decline diseases like the Parkinson’s disease can be completely eliminated. Acupunctural methods are known to generate a neural response in the areas of the brain such as the putamen and the thalamus, which are usually two areas that are easily affected by Parkinson’s disease. This Chinese technique has also been known to be highly effective in insomnia and sleep related issues that are common problems related to old age. The best part of this technique is that it has absolutely no side effects and has proven facts and figures to show its effectives. Being not painful is another added advantage.